Benefits of UPN’s DDoS Protection Solution

Clean Pipe

UPN DDoS Clean Pipe Protection provides a balance of security and performance to combat volumetric attacks that cripple and saturate the entirety of an organization’s infrastructure. Our solution offers optimum attack detection, notification, and mitigation to deliver a truly differentiated solution.



  • Eliminate illegitimate network traffic to enhance availability of Internet access services and avoid system down-time
  • Block network flood attack traffic before it enters your organization’s network
  • Integrated into UPN’s backbone infrastructure, providing an enhanced approach to rapid mitigation engagement
  • Mitigation is performed through UPN’s own network scrubbing center, where malicious traffic is identified and separated
  • Effective and precise protection against L3-L4 attacks
  • Multi-layered filtering system to detect threats, inspect traffic, identify anomalies, and mitigate malicious attacks
  • Flexible detection and mitigation modes
  • Data-rich portal offering unparalleled visibility of network traffic
  • Provides more comprehensive and scalable protection than firewalls alone
  • Streamline your network services, utilizing a single service provider for both
    Internet service and DDoS protection

If your organization is interested in all of the benefits of UPN’s DDoS Protection solution, contact us today.