Grand Junction, CO (June 22, 2020) – Unite Private Networks (UPN), a company that operates a fiber-optic network across Colorado and 20 other states has added voice communications to the services available to businesses and other customers. Check out the full expanse of the UPN fiber map.

Unite Private Networks provides what’s branded as FiberVoice to the communities the firm serves, including the Grand Valley.

Like other services UPN offers, FiberVoice is tailored to meet the needs of customers and accommodates their equipment, said Matthew Grippen, director of sales training.

At a time when a pandemic has made businesses even more dependent on internet and voice services, the reliability and quality of those connections have never been more important, Grippen said.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., UPN operates a fiber-optic network with 10,000 route miles of fiber serving a total of more than 300 communities. The company offers high-speed internet access and related services to businesses as well as schools, hospitals and government entities.

UPN initially installed a fiber optic network in the Grand Valley for Mesa School District 51, but subsequently expanded the UPN network from Palisade to Loma to serve other customers.

The company has offered voice services in some markets for a few years, but plans to extend those services in 2020 to all of the areas in which it operates.

The expansion of network means customers have access to internet, data and voice services on a fiber optic network, said Steven Davis, manager of voice engineering.

Grippen said FiberVoice works with a variety of telephone systems. That includes traditional single and multi-line analog systems as well as private telephone networks used within a company or organization. UPN also offers cloud-based hosted services.

Davis said a fiber optic network offers more reliable and higher quality voice services than those available from other networks.

Customer service remains a priority for UPN, and technicians are available to offer assistance or resolve any issues, he said.

Grippen said FiberVoice and other UPN services enable businesses to better adapt their operations to the pandemic, including businesses whose staffs work remotely.


Phil Castle, The Business Times

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