Our Fiber-Based
Solutions Are
More Than
Meets The Eye.



Financial institutions require a secure, reliable, scalable, high-performance network backed by superior customer service. When you choose UPN, you can be certain you are working with an experienced partner. Our robust fiber optic solutions provide a secure and reliable network built on resilient next-generation architecture.

UPN Quick Facts

Our solutions are inherently flexible and our team will create a custom network to meet your needs.


We develop private networks in order to support the needs of local financial institutions.


Our team offers several network topologies, ensuring limited downtime, low-latency, networks, and redundant circuits.



Our carrier-grade private network protects critical applications and sensitive financial data.



We help financial teams communicate across multiple channels.



Why Would CIOs & CTOs Care?

Security is Paramount

The need for a secure network requires a partner that takes security seriously. UPN provides secure fiber-optic networks that are built strictly for business. We offer Dark Fiber networks as well taking security to the next level.

Reliability is Key

Around-the-clock access to customer data requires a stable network. UPN’s fiber-optic network is a reliable communications platform built on resilient next-generation architecture. Our solutions provide financial institutions reliable access to premise or cloud-based applications and stored information.


Change is Inevitable

Financial institutions require networks that are scalable. We offer Lit services from 10Mb to 100Gb and our Dark Fiber solutions let your business manage the speed. Our selection of Ethernet, Wave, IP services, and custom-built networks ensure flexible solutions to meet all your communication requirements.


Financial institutions require high-performance networks. Our fiber-optic networks provide low-latency, high-bandwidth, high-availability solutions that allow you to focus on your business.

Personal Attention

UPN has a unique and refreshing view on customer service with a singular focus on business customers. Our dedicated account team takes a consultative approach to help design a solution tailored to your needs. From inception throughout the project life cycle and beyond, we are here for you with an experienced 24/7 technical support team.




UPN is great to work with. Support is very knowledgeable, responsive, and courteous. Their network monitoring can’t be beat. Whenever we are doing maintenance on our equipment we receive a call from them regarding connectivity issues between us and them. It’s nice to know that someone is looking after your network when you aren’t.

– Pat Dix, IT Manager at JEO Consulting Group