Our Fiber-Based
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Smart network for smart hospitals

The healthcare industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, let Unite Private Networks bring seamless, reliable care to your local healthcare facilities.

As data plays an increasingly important role in the treatment of patients, where workloads must be collected anywhere and delivered across far-reaching footprints, canned network solutions do not cut it. Customized, private fiber-based solutions are essential for ensuring security and performance while providing scalability that supports growth as new data-intensive applications come into play. UPN services are the ideal solution for medical operators, allowing them to scale their networks across lit fiber environments, therefore creating seamless network integration.

UPN Quick Facts

Our solutions are inherently flexible and our team will create a custom network to meet your needs.


We develop private networks in order to support cutting-edge medical practices.



Our team offers several network topologies, ensuring limited downtime, low latency, networks, and redundant circuits.



Our carrier-grade private network protects critical applications and sensitive patient data.



Our network helps put patients at ease regarding the security of their personal information.



Why Would CIOs & CTOs Care?

Reliability is the Key

Access to healthcare information requires a stable network. UPN’s fiber-optic network is a reliable communications platform built on resilient next-generation architecture. Our solutions provide healthcare organizations reliable access to premise or cloud-based applications and stored information.

Telemedicine Bridges the Gap

Telemedicine is working to bridge the gap in quality and breadth of care between urban and rural environments. UPN has both the provider and patient in mind when architecting network solutions for the medical sector. We design and deploy fiber-optic solutions that support successful telemedicine applications, saving time, and money.

Accurate & Faster Transfers

Faster patient care yields patient satisfaction. UPN understands the need for healthcare organizations to provide efficient diagnoses, fast treatment, and consistent care of patients. Our fiber-optic networks provide low-latency, high-bandwidth, high-availability solutions that help healthcare providers achieve these goals.

Security is Paramount

The need for secure data transfers while protecting patient data requires a partner that takes security seriously. UPN provides a secure fiber-optic network that aids healthcare organizations with safeguarding patient data, protecting sensitive information, and meeting compliance standards.

Making Things Work Together

Interoperability will not only link hospitals together but also allow pharmacies, retail clinics, and imaging centers to have real-time access to the same information. Our fiber-optic solutions help facilitate interoperability by providing the physical connections that allow for information to be shared across the entire organization.


Personal Attention

UPN has a unique and refreshing view on customer service with a singular focus on business customers. Our dedicated account team takes a consultative approach to help design a solution tailored to your needs. From inception throughout the project life cycle and beyond, we are here for you with an experienced 24/7 technical support team.


Hear It From Our Proud Customers

UPN has been a great partner for us and we look forward to a continued long-term relationship. Their state-of-the-art fiber network provides a great business tool for us to support our growing business operations.

– Ryan Theil, President, COO at Kidwell