Brandi Tubb



Unite Private Networks Announces Deployment of 100th Small Cell Site

Des Moines, IA (August 25, 2015) – Unite Private Networks (UPN) announced today it has deployed dark fiber service to its 100th small cell site in Iowa. The deployment is part of a state-wide build-out for a major wireless carrier. UPN is adding more than 1,500 miles of new fiber across its network footprint in 2015.

UPN currently provides the underlying infrastructure for small cells in several states including Texas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado. The strategically placed small cells provide capacity solutions to wireless carriers’ existing networks by increasing bandwidth and connectivity points. “Our deep fiber network is supporting the latest Cloud-Ran (C-RAN) and other small cell architectures,” said Chad Senglaub, COO of UPN. “Additionally, UPN has recently launched a turn-key small cell product which includes site acquisition, construction, dark fiber transport and ongoing maintenance of small cells.”

“We are looking forward to expanding our reach in Iowa by adding a carrier-class network with cutting-edge technology in support of our wireless carrier partners,” said Jason W. Adkins, President of UPN. “For the past 18 years, UPN has been providing high bandwidth services to customers located across 20 states, primarily in the central U.S.”

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