Kansas City, MO (October 17, 2017) – Unite Private Networks (UPN), a leading provider of high-capacity, fiber-based communication networks is pleased to announce a small cell expansion project in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas. The new heavy-count fiber project is in support of two major wireless carriers.

The UPN network adds to the existing extensive fiber-optic infrastructure in the Des Moines, Dallas, and Kansas City metro areas, as well as expanding into Denton, Texas, and Kansas City, Kansas. Click the link to see the full expanse of our fiber map.

“As data demands increase exponentially, strategically placed small cells enhance the macro network by providing capacity offload,” said Cindy Malley, Carrier Sales Director at Unite Private Networks. “This enhances user experience while keeping communities connected. We now provide dark fiber and small cell connectivity to all four major wireless carriers, and are looking forward to deploying our 600th small cell during this project.”

“We are excited to expand our reach in several core UPN markets,” said Terry Bellinger, Senior Vice President of Carrier Sales at Unite Private Networks. “We look forward to providing broader access to the suite of UPN products, including Ethernet services from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, wavelength services, Internet access, and dark fiber to customers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Texas.”