Brandi Tubb


Unite Private Networks Announces Partnership with Hudl to Enhance Broadband Capability

Hudl to connect their Omaha and Lincoln locations

Lincoln, NE (May 20, 2014) – Unite Private Networks (UPN) is pleased to announce a recent partnership with Lincoln-based video software company Hudl. UPN is providing Internet and point-to-point Ethernet data connectivity between their Omaha and Lincoln locations.“UPN’s advanced fiber-optic network will provide enhanced broadband capability to help our product team stay connected across multiple locations as they develop cutting edge coaching tools,” said Matt Mueller, VP – Operations at Hudl. “We are excited to partner with UPN to enhance our connectivity capabilities.”

As part of the project, UPN will provide a point-to-point circuit connecting the existing Lincoln office to the new Omaha location. The new network increases bandwidth while minimizing monthly operating expenses. “We were able to double our Internet bandwidth for half the cost,” said Sam Howard, IT Manager at Hudl.

“We are excited to begin our relationship with Hudl,” said Stuart Howerter, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Unite Private Networks. “UPN partners with high-tech enterprise businesses like Hudl, providing flexible solutions to meet their ever-growing bandwidth requirements. We provide a suite of products including Ethernet services from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps, wavelength services, Internet access, dark fiber, and other customized solutions.”

About HUDL: Hudl is a leading software company revolutionizing the way sports teams train and stay ahead of their competition.  Hudl offers video distribution, play diagrams, coaching presentations and more, securely available to all coaches and players using its service over the Internet. Thousands of programs, from the smallest youth teams, high schools, elite colleges and professional teams, rely on Hudl’s software to give them the competitive edge they need to succeed.  Founded by David Graff, Brian Kaiser and John Wirtz in 2006, Hudl was created to meet the evolving demands of coaches with cutting-edge technology solutions.

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