Waco, TX (March 29, 2023) – Unite Private Networks (UPN), a leading provider of high-capacity, fiber-based communication networks, is pleased to announce a network expansion in Waco, Texas.

The expansion brings 30 miles of high-count fiber to the Waco metro, traversing the downtown business district and encompassing the majority of the Waco metro. This metro fiber infrastructure is connected to UPN’s regional transport fiber network, which provides connectivity to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, allowing businesses access to dark fiber or dedicated lit services that are scalable from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps, as well as a suite of other products including ethernet, internet, voice solutions, DDoS Protection and more. Beyond services, UPN has implemented a local team of experts to engineer, install, and maintain the fiber infrastructure, giving customers easy access to support services.

“UPN has a significant presence throughout Texas, and Waco is a continuation of our commitment to serving the state’s business and carrier community,” said Gil Nunez III, Sales Manager at Unite Private Networks. “We currently serve Waco Independent School District, connecting all thirty district facilities, and we’re incredibly excited to begin serving the business community.”

For more information about our dark fiber map or other cities we cater to, take a look at our fiber map.

About Unite Private Networks: UPN provides high-bandwidth, fiber-based communications networks and services to schools, governments, carriers, data centers, hospitals, and enterprise business customers across a 21-state service area. Service offerings include dark and lit fiber, private line, optical Ethernet, Internet access, FiberVoice, DDoS Protection, SD-WAN, and other customized solutions. Headquartered in Kansas City, MO, UPN has been providing customer-focused communications solutions since 1998. For more information on UPN, please visit www.uniteprivatenetworks.com, or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.