UPN’s 13 Advantages: How Our Telecom Business Solutions Are Different

UPN has been providing customer-focused telecom business solutions since 1998. Twenty-two years (and some change…) later, the statistic we’re most proud of is our customer retention rate: 98%.

Not only is that a high rate for just about any industry, but telecom companies especially struggle with maintaining client trust and providing excellent customer service experiences. A 2019 survey found that nearly 40% of Americans who canceled a contract with a company in the previous two years named customer service as the main culprit; 52% percent of them said the contract they canceled was for internet, cable, TV, or phone services. These were three of the most common reasons customers went elsewhere:

  • They had to call the telecom company more than once
  • The agents were untrained or incompetent 
  • The company took too long to resolve issues

Sound familiar? If you had to name the three worst customer service experiences of your life, would a conversation with a telecom company make the list?

At UPN, we aim to break the mold and offer a great customer service experience – not just for a telecom company, but for any company. We’re transparent about the fact that we don’t offer all business communications solutions on the market, but for the ones we do provide, we deliver them with a laser-focus on expert support and flawless execution. We often talk about “The UPN Way,” which means delivering our services the right way, and in a fashion that the customer anticipates. It means doing what we say we’re going to do.



Here are 13 promises we make to every client – and 13 advantages we offer:


1.DEDICATED ACCOUNT TEAM: We’re talking about a full team of industry professionals: account director, sales manager, solutions engineer, construction manager, project manager, and life cycle manager. UPN has a very low employee churn rate, so our clients know who they’re calling; it’s not a different account rep every month.

2. BEST-OF-THE-BEST NETWORK OPERATIONS CENTER (NOC): We take customer service seriously from the account directors to the network engineers. Our skilled NOC team offers immediate trouble-shooting engagement, prompt technician dispatch, and proactive, meaningful customer updates.

3.BUSINESS-ONLY NETWORK: UPN doesn’t provide residential service. For our customers, that means they don’t have to worry about over-utilized or shared resources, and only mission-critical traffic transmits across the network. With UPN, a more efficient flow of traffic and more direct fiber routes combine to deliver a high-performing fiber network.

4.CUSTOM-DESIGNED CIRCUITS & NETWORKS: Route by route, our network has been hand-crafted with built-in diversity and performance. For customer networks we deploy, we apply the same approach. Everything is tailored to our customers’ needs: fiber routes, building entries, electronics, you name it. We’re able to provide diversity others cannot, with the option to avoid central offices completely or bypass specific geographic areas.

5.UPN STRIVES TO PROVIDE THE LAST MILE CONNECTION INTO EACH BUILDING: With the full end-to-end autonomy that this approach provides, we can offer complete network control, on-time delivery, and a truly diverse service offering.

6.100% FIBER OPTIC: Many telecom carrier networks are patchworks of routes often owned by other companies, typically consisting of various technologies. Since UPN’s network is fiber only, it boasts fewer points of failure, easier management, lower latency, and stronger signal strength.

7.WE GROW & SCALE WITH THE CUSTOMER: Our next-generation network allows UPN and our clients to partner for life because it was future-proofed with scalability in mind. We’re ready for the symmetrical high-bandwidth demands that future technology will bring.

8.METRO ACCESS RING PROTECTION: This is just another way we keep our network redundant and flexible. Building in metro access ring protection where possible reduces the chance of a fiber cut affecting service, with automatic protection routing in case of emergency.

9.TRANSPARENCY: We believe in being open and honest; no hidden fees or unanswered questions. Wondering what type of fiber we install, which equipment we use in our network, or what our fiber footprint or circuit routes look like? Just ask us!

10.HARDENED CARRIER-GRADE SWITCHES: A top-of-the-line network connected by subpar equipment is a sad combination. We stick with high-end equipment to support our network’s resilient fiber topology and deliver the best performing telecom business solutions.

11.NIMBLE AND FLEXIBLE: We build agility into our fiber networks, our teams, our telecom business solutions, and even our paperwork. Our flexibility is evident across the board, in areas such as our customized network solutions, specialized contracts (language, terms, etc.), billing resolution, and customer service.

12.ABILITY TO SELL DARK FIBER: Many communication providers don’t offer dark fiber because they see it as giving up their assets at a low rate. Once customers buy dark fiber, they typically don’t need to return to their service provider to upgrade their bandwidth (a huge advantage for said customers). For the telecom companies that do offer dark fiber, they’re often very selective on who can purchase and how it is supported. Learn more here.

13.DDOS PROTECTION: UPN safeguards the IP network by proactively monitoring our internal infrastructure for DDoS attacks that either target UPN’s Core IP Network or a UPN Internet customer. The network automatically reacts by implementing rate-limits and filters to ensure the stability and performance of UPN’s network. In addition, our mission-critical Internet service offers a multi-homed environment where UPN is connected with multiple Tier 1 ISPs at core locations such as Albuquerque, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Lincoln, and Kansas City. Customers of UPN’s Internet offering inherently receive the benefit of these operational practices.

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