Serving Over 1,700 Schools Across 250+ Districts

OPTIMAL DESIGN – Unite Private Networks offers an optimal design that utilizes, at a minimum, a one (1) GigE connection to all facilities via home run fiber from every location back to the hub site (hub and spoke design). There is no sharing of bandwidth among district locations. Most cable or ILEC offerings quote GigE, but cannot guarantee the service without related oversubscription.

1 OR 10 GIG – School districts are looking for ways to keep up with the many demands of increased devices and digital learning applications. UPN can help school districts step up to these demands with an E-rate compliant solution. Our fiber networks offer high-bandwidth solutions that exceed the guidelines supported by the ConnectED initiative and are included in the FCC E-Rate Modernization Reform Order. Most recently several of our districts have implemented 10 Gbps networks to their schools

CONTROL – Districts can also have full control over routing protocol. Easy network controls allow schools to reconfigure bandwidth without the need to submit an order or wait for implementation. This certainly is not an option with most ILEC or Cable company offerings. Flexibility and service are the hallmarks of UPN.

EXPERIENCE – For over 20 years, UPN has been providing this needed capacity to school districts across 21 states. In fact, we currently partner with over 1700 schools across 250+ districts with speeds of 1 gigabit or higher. Overall UPN has 10,000 fiber route miles and over 7,500 on-net buildings.

Benefits of Our K-12 Solutions

  • Unite Private Networks offers a fixed cost you will know well into the future
  • Attractive choice of cost-effective 5, 7, 10, or 15-year contract options
  • Highly specialized network design
  • Customized all you need to know about E-Rate tailored to bond financing and E-rate assistance
  • Proven history, we’ve been serving schools since 1998

Advantages of Choosing Unite Private Networks

  • New fiber construction that is designed and engineered to meet the needs of the District.
  • Service that is Priority One E-Rate eligible and compliant.
  • At a minimum, full 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) of connectivity between each endpoint site and the hub site.
  • Each connection to your schools are matched by at least a 1 Gbps connection at the District office eliminating any oversubscription.
  • Easily upgradable to 10 Gbps and beyond.
  • Fiber comes direct to the District, does not pass through a central office or cable head end facility.
  • Increased reliability and security based on physical and logical network design.
  • The knowledge that as dark fiber rules change in the future, UPN is prepared to provide these types of solutions.
  • Cost-effective long-term contracts and flexible payment options to help meet your financial requirements.
  • UPN is well versed in all facets of E-rate funding, as well as special state by state funding options (i.e.: OUSF in Oklahoma).
  • Comfort in UPN’s proven history, we have been serving schools since 1998 and currently service over 250+ districts in 21 states with 165 of them having a bandwidth of 1 Gigabit or more.